It may be the quarantine creating more time on my hands, but I’ve had the opportunity to engage with several major technology vendors for support – and have been sadly disillusioned.

Lest startups equate market cap with support excellence, and think that emulating that is the right way, here’s a couple of thoughts:

  1. The support process, and in large businesses the actual organization, should be modelled around three levels:
    1. Level 1 … is to identify and fix any user problems
    2. Level 2 … is to identify and fix any known problems
    3. Level 3 … is to collect all information for development to fix any new problems.

      only Level 1 can be serviced by a bot and then, only just.

  2. FFDC … First Failure Data Capture is a very old school development requirement whose goal is to capture all the data that is needed to determine the bug and resolve it … when it happens and avoids support having to say “wait till it happens again, and display xyz”.

  3. “Restart the application/system will fix the problem” … NO, NO, NO.
    All this does is to [possibly] circumvent a bug and to lose the opportunity (at the time of failure) to collect problem determination data.

  4. “I think you have a corrupt contact/event/image/note … can you scroll through them, find it, delete it, and try again?” … yeah right, scroll through my 2,000 notes, 6,200 contacts and 170,000 images??? How about you write a simple little app that tests the integrity and structure of them and makes life easier for everyone”.

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